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Roy Murad

Roy Murad - An Entrepreneur

Roy Murad's Bio:

Roy Murad is a father, husband, business consultant, investor, advocate for new business ventures, and consummate entrepreneur. Its quite a list and can seem like a lot to balance.

Over the course of 35 years building businesses, guiding companies and identifying strong investment opportunities, while nurturing a thriving family, Roy Murad has amassed a wealth of experience. Experience, that may be of value to others who are looking to shape a balanced and successful life experience.

Roy Murad's Experience:

Roy Murad's Education:

Roy Murad's Interests & Activities:

Reading, Fishing, Family Time, Music, Volunteering in the Community, Mentoring, Teaching, Business Development, Relaxing, Exercising, Being Proactive, Enjoying Life, Motivating Others

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